WeWhatsApp members have an option to promote their own whatsapp group on our website. Users can create their own group and utilize wewhatsapp to spread the word about their initiative. These groups are distinctly marked "User created group" on WeWhatsApp, as they bring distinct advantage to the community.
The group belongs to user who has created the Whatsapp group. Thereby, he/she remains the group admin. WeWhatsApp is used for mobile verification of the prospective group members and prmotion of the group itself.
1. Cost benefit: Whenever a user wishes to join "user created groups" on wewhatsapp, WeWhatsApp will verify the mobile by sending SMS to the prospective member for validation.(there by saving costs to the group admin)
2. During registration, the mobile is also checked against the blacklisted mobile list as a method to avoid any abuse in your group.
3. Once the group is created on WeWhatsApp, WeWhatsApp promotes your group on our various social affiliate partners, social media and also via SEO.
Group creation/promotion
You may CLICK HERE to promote your own whatsapp group on WeWhatsApp. You remain the GROUP ADMIN of your group.

Member joining the Whatsapp group
Whenever a user submit the form to be registered on your group, Group Admin will be notified instantly via email with requesters information. Group Admin may use the mobile number of the user in the mail to add him/her to your group.
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